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"Look forward to working with Positive Media in the...
Karon Wells, PA to Headteacher, The Malling School
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Our A1 sized frames are all carefully situated for maximum impact and dwell times. Positioned near entrances / exits, lifts and toilets ensure your message is clearly presented and is the last message shoppers take in before entering the 'visual clutter' of the shops themselves.

For a detailed list of centres view the site list page.

Your posters will be visible seven days a week, to a huge audience, with full colour posters displayed at eye level, in a clutter free environment, for maximum impact. And all at surprisingly affordable rates.

Our portfolio of over 50 centres has a combined weekly footfall of over 10 million shoppers they provide an audience of over 500 million shoppers every year. Of these, 60% are ABC1, 67% are age 16-44, and 67% are women.

Unlike some other poster site contractors, we don’t insist on you buying whole sites, or regions. You can select what suits your campaign best, be it local, regional, national, or aimed at a particular demographic. If it suits you, choose from one of our ready-made packages. If you want us to work with you to develop the best campaign for your needs, call Mr Positive, Simon Grant on 0800 915 4444

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