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Stuart Davidson, Head of Marketing, Myerscough College
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Shopping Centre Poster Advertising in Wallsend

>If you believe in the 'positive impact of poster advertising' and need more enquiries, sales or awareness I can help you with proven advertising
in the Forum Shopping Centre which is the BIGGEST place in Wallsend;-

Our A0 posters (3ft x 4ft), will display your full colour posters at eye level for maximum impact in these specially selected high dwell areas:
> Main entrance/exits, your message will be seen as people come in and go out of the centre!
> Captive lift lobbies imagine pressing the lift button and looking at your poster whilst waiting!
> Outside busy toilets always the busiest spot in any Shopping Centre!

> How do I know this advertising will work? …We can give you proof
> Where are posters positioned? Only in ‘captive’ or ‘busy’ spots
> Why are Shopping centres so good?…Because of the ‘audience’ and the ‘big footfalls’
> Why is your price so low?…Being a small company we have lower overheads so we pass on the savings to you
> How much?Surprisingly affordable ad prices of from £105 p/m (£24 p/w)…please compare this value to radio and newspaper coverage where the cost would x10 more
> When can I start?….
call me now for availability

Here’s WHY I want to help you;-
1. I believe a great poster seen by thousands will promote you very effectively
2. I love coming up with concept & design ideas for my clients
3. You'll want to do business with me again and recommend me to others

To ‘try’ this opportunity call me now on 07803 850300 for ad rates and availability or one of the team on 0800 915 4444

Many thanks
Simon Grant
Aka Mr Positive!
P.S. Shopping Centre posters are effective because they are #1, captive, #2 on eye level #3 read by thousands every week!