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Lawrence Jennings, General Sales Manager, Motorline Renault Maidstone
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Poster Advertising Research


This research is designed to test the effectiveness of your campaign.


It will be carried out by interviewers using a scripted questionnaire on a one-to-one basis. It will use a quota sample method, specifically aimed at the target market i.e. if you would like us to target men or women or a specific age group, we can. There will also be sample taken of a control group for comparative analysis.

Sample sizes for both groups will be targeted at up to 30 participants – to be collected over a one-day period.

Questionnaire design

The questionnaire will be kept as short and focused as possible. Data to be tested are:

  • Unprompted recall of product
  • Unprompted recall of posters
  • Prompted recall of posters
  • Prompted recall of product
  • Consider product to be for them
  • Likely to buy/try


This will be in the form of straight forward qualitative results – published as percentage answers within the quota sample

Myerscough College Report


Questions will be individually tailored to your campaign and your specifications. You will then receive an ‘easy to read’ itemised report of the survey detailing the questions asked, along with the results.

Press Release Service

Getting your business into the editorial columns of the media should be a key part of your marketing strategy. It is the most cost-effective way of promoting your business to tens if not hundreds of thousands of potential customers. Achieving coverage of your business in the media has two key benefits: the coverage is cost-effective to achieve and it carries far greater credibility than paid-for newspaper advertising. We will discuss your business with you, seek out the most newsworthy ‘angle’ for a story, draft the release, discuss any amendments and then, once you are happy with it, distribute the release to all the appropriate media.