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Mrs Lucy Gray, Communications Officer, Herts & Essex High School
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Artwork Tips


Your artwork will play a massive part in the success of your advertising campaign. It is important to create a design that is eye-catching, stands out, gets your message across quickly and reflects your brand.

In our 20 years in the business we have seen a lot of artwork! So we know what it takes to make your business stand out. Here are 6 simple tips to think about, which have been proven to deliver the best results.

1. Text

Text should be short & sweet in order to keep the message clear and concise. Avoiding surplus information helps to maintain the visual impact of the poster. Keep the font professional and on brand.

2. Images

Ensure that your imagery is centred and acts as the main focus to draw the audience in. Images should be bold, eye-catching and relevant to your brand. Be careful not to use too many, less is more!

3. Colours

Use bright and bold colours which will stand out. Be careful not to use too many or your advert may appear cluttered and ensure your colour scheme is ‘on brand’ to maintain continuity.

4. Logo

Your advert should feature your company logo to ensure brand recognition and recall among your audience. You want your audience to remember your logo so make sure it is clear, obvious and stands out.

5. Layout

The layout should appear professional & clean and should be able to convey your message to be read quickly by your audience. People tend to read in a ‘Z’ pattern, so bear this in mind when positioning your text and images.

6. Call to Action

Your advert should include a strong call to action depending on what you want people to do after seeing your poster e.g. website, business address, phone number or email. This should be clear and obvious.