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7 Great reasons why shopping centres are the perfect place to advertise your business in!

1. You Get Unrivalled Exposure
It’s all about location and with poster sites in busy Shopping Centres, we can help you tap into millions of savvy consumers every week with unrivalled exposure.

2. You get High Impact For Low Cost
Poster advertising is one of the best value for money forms of advertising on the market. Posters have the ability to impact visually on a mass audience more simply and effectively than any other advertising media.

3. You Boost Your Brand
Imagination is the only limitation on what a poster design can do for your business – from boosting brand awareness, highlighting promotional offers or starting a campaign of direct, sustained advertising, posters in shopping centres create a startling, visual impact.

4. You Get Noticed
Shopping centres are vibrant, social destinations providing a great stage for your poster advert with high footfall and the kind of prime visibility that no other media advertising can provide. Poster advertising offers prominent, distinctive marketing and the frequency of impact builds a cumulative effect on customers.

5. You Make Rapid Contact With Customers
Poster advertising is a mass medium capable of making rapid contact with your customer base. Posters can be located close to point of sale for ultimate promotion and rapid response.

6. You Have A Captive Audience
Posters in public places can be aimed at a captive audience with the unique benefit of being able include longer, more persuasive copy than other poster and out of home advertising allows.

7. You Make That Vital Emotional Connection
A rich, powerful visual representation of your brand stamps its personality on the customers mind and helps shoppers emotionally connect with your product. Poster advertising in shopping centres allows you to target a local audience and increase brand awareness in a strategic location.