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7 Great reasons why shopping centres are the perfect place for car dealerships to advertise!

1. It Drives Traffic To Your Showroom
All car dealerships want showroom traffic. A bold, striking poster advert in a high footfall shopping centre can be the trigger for buyers to find out more and give someone a reason to visit your showroom. Your poster can tap into the concept of building brand connectedness, customer loyalty and generational buying.

2. It Makes You Stand Out From The Crowd
Unlike press advertising where your ad can get lost in the motor pages, a poster is a highly visible way to get your dealership noticed by thousands of brand conscious consumers who will see your message.

3. It Builds Trust in Your Name
Posters can be used to build trust in your car dealership within an advertising tradition that carries itself with distinction – evidence shows customers are more likely to trust poster adverts because they appear in public places and are more accessible. With 77% of shoppers arriving by car, you have a unique opportunity to emotionally connect with a huge target audience of savvy consumers so use your poster ad to give different people different reasons to buy different cars.

4. It Captures Customer Imagination
There’s a certain magic in the way a great poster can capture the imagination. Poster ads are visually striking and immediate media for a captive audience. By using your poster to advertise limited availability or promotional offers you focus the customers minds, planting the seed that will lead them to your car showroom.

5. It Brings Repeat Exposure For Maximum Effect
Repeat exposure to your poster and the frequency of impact on passers-by leads to a cumulative effect. Poster advertising is a mass medium with a direct impact and by exposing your car dealership to thousands of consumers and shop staff on a daily basis you are reinforcing your brand, your personality and your trustworthiness.

6. You Gain A Captive Audience
By placing your car dealership poster in a washroom you have the added benefit of directly targeting both female and male customers so you can pitch your poster perfectly to your target audience. Washroom advertising also gives you a totally captive audience with at least two minutes of viewing time – perfect for conveying longer, more convincing messages.

7. You Get Low Cost & Low Competition Advertising
Posters are the one form of advertising that no other media can match for price or value for money. Add to that the low competition with well separated poster sites available in shopping centres and you have the perfect place for your car dealership to advertise and shine.