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Jennie Scott, Consumer Direct Marketing
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Frame Supply

Many of our venues have seen how effective our poster sites are and have come to us over the years for some additional frames for their own internal messages

Years of research and experience have led us to what we consider the best value, hardest wearing and most reliable poster frame. Now you can take advantage of these frames for your own uses and purchase them direct from us


Features and benefits

  • Good looking. Smart, clean design
  • Durable. Hundreds have been up for over 5 years in public venues
  • Easy to install. Using four screws/raw plugs, a drill and simple fitting instructions
  • Flexible. Poster changes that take less than a minute!
  • Tamper Resistant. Can only be opened with a special tool

Satisfied clients include:

  • Shopping Centres (including Lakeside and MetroCentre)
  • Councils
  • Leisure Centres


£40 per A1 poster frame (594mm Wide x 840mm High) plus delivery & vat.
The price includes Installation instructions complete with 'Health and Safety Risk Assessment' and telephone support. Plus one free opening tool worth £1.50 with every five frames

For more information, please email Simon Grant or call mobile 07803 850300

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