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David Cameron, Marketing Manager Leas Cliff Hall Folkestone
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The Boss aka Colonel The Office Pug

Top Dog Manager

What I enjoy most about working at Positive Media Marketing?

Away from the office you can find me
Sleeping…oh eating and sitting with Malcolm my Cat

Favourite food?
Anything and Everything ‘sepcially the Cat’s fud!

Favourite song?
Listen to the Wind – Zach G Wilson – very soothing – though my wind isn’t!

Favourite film? That one with the talking cool Pug – Men in Black II – He has nothing on me though!

Favourite ever ad campaign? …got a few mates in that … I was toooo busy at the time

Favourite brand? Bulldog Skin Care for Men … Can’t you tell!

Favourite tech/gadget? Retractable lead – Lets me ‘lead’ the way – those human folks need showing the way!