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Richard Knight of Focal Point Ad Agency
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When deciding where to advertise, please consider our 'effective and affordable' poster sites in your local Shopping Centre for these three reasons;-
1. We have ‘proof’ that our media works

2. You'll spend less money reaching more people because our Shopping Centres have massive footfalls 
    (thousands everyday)

3. We'll give you FREE ‘advice’ on your poster design and concept

...& you can 'now' promote your business in some of the busiest Shopping Centres and Designer Outlets in the U.K. including:-

  • the-mall2

For a detailed list of centres view the site list page

Our A1 (2ft x 3ft) size tamper proof poster frames, with a plastic screen to protect your message, will display your full colour posters at eye level for maximum impact in these specially selected high dwell areas:

  • Main entrance/exits
  • Captive lift lobbies
  • Outside busy toilets
    We have a separate washroom advertising website with A3 poster frames located in these captive positions:
  • Above the male urinals...un-missable!
  • On the back on ladies cubicle doors...very captive!
  • In both male and ladies toilets above the hand dryers...high-vis!








    With a selection of very affordable packages for national campaigns along with local and regional
    options, we are Positive you can achieve the exposure you need for your campaign, be it directing customers to your store, highlighting your brand, or building sales

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